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3 years ago

WUJ Podcast, Ep. 012: Book Collaborators Jeff Testerman and Daniel Freed

Uncovering a scandal to fleece America

Episode Notes

Investigative journalists and book collaborators Jeff Testerman and Daniel Freed discuss their new book, Call Me Commander: A Former Intelligence Officer and the Journalists Who Uncovered his Scheme to Fleece America. Testerman was working for the St. Petersburg Times in 2009 when he latched onto the story of the U.S. Navy Veterans Association and its mysterious leader, Lt. Commander Bobby Thompson. Testerman and Freed recount their reporters' instincts about the story (20:00), the investigation into this supposed charity (28:00), the many unanswered questions about John Cody (44:00), and the process of collaborating on this soon-to-be-released book.

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